Copyright considerations

Copyright can be very complex in scholarly publishing. Generally when a paper is accepted for publication, an author signs over their copyright to the publisher via a publishing agreement. However, many publishers will still allow a version of the publication, such as a pre or post print, to be uploaded and displayed in a repository such as the University's Open Research. This is often referred to as Green Open Access or self-archiving.

If you have published your research in an open access journal, we can typically make the work available in open Research. If you have not published open access, please submit the Author/s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) / post-print version of your article, as a publisher will often allow this version to be uploaded to the repository and made publicly available with a link to the published / pdf version.

ANU repository staff will always check the copyright status of work you submit or that they submit on your behalf, however it is good practice to personally check the journal's policies. If you would like to know which version of your work you can self-archive, you can visit the Sherpa/Romeo website for information on many journal's publisher copyright policies and self-archiving. the website also provides links to publisher websites for further clarification.


If a publisher allows an Author/s Accepted Manuscript (AAM) / post-print version of your journal article to appear in an institutional repository they sometimes apply an embargo, or period of restriction for which an article cannot be made publicly available. In these cases, Open Research repository staff will check for, and  can apply the appropriate embargo period to your work.